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About our Gold Leaf

We manufacture 22 different types of gold leaf, from 6-karat White Gold to 24-karat pure gold.

In order to achieve the various desired shades, gold is alloyed with Silver, Copper, Platinum and Palladium.

After alloying and melting, the material is rolled to a thickness of 1/00 mm.

By means of subsequent beating processes, the gold leaf reaches the desired thinness of approx. 1/7000 mm.

In the cutting process, the gold leaf is then cut to the desired size generally 80 x 80 mm, and laid in books of 25 leaves each. Naturally, other sizes, up to 130 mm x 130 mm are available, too.

During the individual production stages, continuous controls are maintained, so that the impeccable quanity of our products is insured.