Chronik  Produktpalette

In the year 1910 Ernst Kurz founded a gold beaters workshop in the gold beating city of Schwabach. He succeeded in maintaining the business through the difficult times of the two World Wars and the Depression of the twenties, and when, at the beginning of the fifties, his son-in-law Albert Hassler took over the business, it continued its growth to become one of the largest in this field.


In 1971, the third generation, in the person of his son Hans Hassler, took over the business and the product line was significantly expanded. In addition to genuine gold and genuine silver, metal leaf and aluminum leaf were added to the range of products. Production was modernized and automated.


In 1980, in the city of Fuerth, Wilhelm Wasner founded a company for the sale of gold leaf, calling it "Wilhelm Wasner Blattgold GmbH". This company was for many years a faithful and successful customer of the Hassler Co., which then took it over when Mr. Wasner withdrew from the firm at the start of 1995. This made possible yet another, even greater expansion of the product line, with the result that the company now offers everything from genuine gold leaf to genuine gold enamel foils, many types of metal leaf and a full range of accessories for gilders, restoration painters and stonemasons.

In the meantime, the company welcomed a fourth generation to its leadership. Klaus Hassler, with his experience as a Master Goldbeater, is the ideal Managing Director. As a technical expert, he is in the position to offer competent advice to his customers on every aspect. You may consult him for specific questions and information. And of course you may request our product catalogue at no cost or obligation.